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Booking a direct Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Rental could be considered as the ideal, desirable and one of the very popular spots to spend a memorable & certainly an unforgettable Vacation whose memories would surely settle inside your consciousness for many years to come. You can certainly feel a relaxed vibe and really peaceful ambiance all around at your time at our Oceanfront beachside Vacation Rentals which will undoubtedly make you think that civilization is a world far far away. Located at the famous Cocoa Beach of the Sunshine state of Florida which is famous for its interesting beautiful culture, amazing beaches and coolness which you can almost find anywhere & everywhere on Florida’s space coast, people can seriously chill the hell out of them here. You will be provided with the private space, luxurious lifestyle to live in and peaceful environment to Relax and other stuff such as an awesome scenery view to look at, go for a long walk on the beach  even take your little ones too where they can play games, build sand castle and have loads of fun, basically having the time of their life. Oceanfront Vacation rental is a far better option than choosing a hotel for planning your stay at your vacation because it’s an option of total loss and obviously a huge waste of your hard earned money. Also, There will be no proper space and home-like environment where you can’t spend valuable vacation time with at all, so only our Beach houses for rent will become your the best option. One can practice and take in the pleasure of having the thrill of certain adventures activities by going on rafting, boating, scuba diving, swimming, fishing and experiencing various other water games. Apart from these water activities, you can have a load of fun by taking up paragliding, jet skiing and also playing tennis, golf, etc. one can also stroll around the number of beaches settled on Space coast area and also in Cocoa Beach.

Sea & Sun vacation rentals are very specialized in providing best in class Oceanfront vacation rentals which are also loaded with fabulous and luxury necessities that we offer you here at various rentals which includes an awesome view of the Atlantic ocean in South Cocoa Beach, 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms even 4-bedrooms Oceanfront rentals which are fully furnished, have a well-equipped kitchen so that guests can prepare their own meals but we can also provide you a housekeeper which we have kept as an option for you.feel the amazing ocean breeze touching your cheeks. Listen to the sound of waves while having your favorite beverages. There is a garden in the house with twelve chairs where everyone can relax. ATM, bank, hospital, groceries, fitness centers are near to the house. Also, theme parks, water parks, playgrounds, beauty spa, cinema theaters, zoo are nearby.